About Us

Hardin County Beekeepers AssociationHardin County Beekeepers Association (HCBA)

Member: Kentucky State Beekeepers Association

The Hardin County Beekeepers Association in Elizabethtown, Kentucky and its members support and promote the raising of honey bees and the harvesting and selling of honey. We welcome new members both beekeepers as well as those just interested in honey bees and beekeeping.

The Association:

  • Holds monthly meetings and provides assistance to members and updates on various beekeeping related topics as well as educational information.
  • Provides mentoring and assistance to new beekeepers.

And our members:

  • Sell Honey, Bee Hives, Nuc’s, Bees Wax, Candles & Cosmetics
  • Capture Swarms

Our meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month at 07:00 PM at the Hardin County Extension Office in Elizabethtown, Kentucky located just off 111 Opportunity Way
Elizabethtown, KY 42701-9370.

Please add it to your calendar to be reminded of our next meeting.