Hardin County Beekeepers News for July 2020

This has been a daunting Spring and Summer for all of us as we have tried to negotiate through the unknowns of COVID-19. It has impacted us all in ways we could not have imagined. I hope you are all safe, sound and healthy – and your bees too!

  1. As David has indicated in his messages over the past month, we will not be able to hold our meetings until August. HCBA will send out a notification letting you know that we are “a go”, an agenda, and the restrictions necessary to be able to meet. As of now, I know we must plan our meetings requiring social distancing (meaning a maximum number of attendees based on the designated meeting space) as well as being without food or drink – necessary precautions in these COVID times. More to follow…
  2. Please do not hesitate to call one of us for questions with your hives or your beekeeping. We may not be able to come to your apiary that day but we can probably find one of us to do so within a few days. We will do our best to HELP you manage YOUR hives.
  3. As David mentioned, I have a mobile honey extracting service by appointment. I have some ground rules:
    • I am a facilitator, I’ll bring the extraction equipment and I will help YOU harvest YOUR honey.
    • I am available after 5 during the week and usually most weekends.
    • Minimum number of frames for me to come is 4.
    • Charge is $1 per frame for my expertise and supervision – well the equipment anyway since I am neither an expert nor a good supervisor!
    • You will need to provide an adequate space – 10×10 foot area inside the house or garage. Not outside as the smell of honey will draw every bee for miles…
    • You’ll need a tarp or drop cloth to protect your floor
    • You need two honey buckets, at least one with a honey gate
    • You will need to purchase a 5 gallon mesh paint strainer for your cappings from Lowes, Home Depot, Ace, or any other hardware store – call if you’re not sure what I’m talking about
    • Do not pull your frames until we are confirmed for your extraction. If you leave them off the hive too long they can draw critters in your storage area, not to mention moisture… Call if you have questions.
  4. HCBA and KSBA are seeking volunteers for the KY State Fair (20-30 August) to assist with the Honey Booths. Please contact me if you are interested so we can organize a group from HCBA to participate. Information is below. Deadline for interest to me is 1 August.
  5. If you are interested in selling Honey at the fair please see the second attachment to this email. NOTE – your honey labels must meet KY and FDA guidelines to be sold. Contact one of the “old timers” if you have any questions, or go to https://www.honey.com/honey-industry/regulation/honey-labeling or you can contact Leslie Y. Cobb, R.S., Retail Food Program Technical Consultant, Food Labeling Compliance Specialist, KY DPH Food Safety Branch, 275 East Main Street, Mail Stop: HS 1C-F , Frankfort, KY 40621, (502) 564-7181, Email:Leslie.Cobb@ky.govIf you know of anyone interested in beekeeping, please do not hesitate to forward this to them.

Please stay safe and healthy – watch out for those who don’t act in your best interest…

“Bee Happy!”

Burt Thompson
Vice President, Hardin County Beekeepers Association

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