January 2020 Meeting Minutes

Hardin County Beekeepers Association (HCBA)
January 9, 2020

Location: 111 Opportunity Way Elizabethtown, KY 42701

Attendance:  21

Association President, David Shockey, called the meeting to order at 6:58 pm.

Guest Speaker:  None

Summary of minutes from Oct 10, 2019 meeting was sent out via email.  

Financial Report:  No report, David (president) and Terry (treasurer) should have a new bank account set up by the next meeting.

Committee Reports: 

Old Business:

Introduction of Officers

President- David Shockey

Vice President- Burt Thompson

Secretary- Madison Henry

Treasurer- Terry Henry

Renewing Memberships

Updating Magazine Subscriptions such as American Bee Journal and Bee culture

HCBA is accepting membership renewals for 2020.  KSBA and CKHP will do the same.

HCBA Spring Bee School and KSBA Spring Meeting will be held on March 28th at ECTC.

Hats and Shirts

Beekeeping Mentor program/starter Hive program

New Business:

Introduction of old and new members

Bank account moving to Fort Knox Federal Credit Union

EIN Number and 501c3

Open Discussion:

Candy Boards should be getting consumed, keep an eye on them. Our weather has been changing day to day so watch for activity on warmer days but try to stay out of your hives if we have a lot of wind or cooler temperatures.

This is the time of year you might start seeing hive loss. Pay attention to bee activity. 

If the bees are flying try to take a look inside the hive. 

Bees will normally cluster towards the side your entrance reducer is on. Example: If the entrance reducer is on the left, they will most likely be found on the left side of the hive and vice versa. 

Members of the Association stated they would like to have discussions throughout the year about Queen rearing, splitting hives, and swarm catching. 

Potluck theme for the next meeting is Pasta night. Serving ware and drinks will be provided.  

Meeting Adjourned:  8:13 pm