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October 2018 Meeting Agenda

Hardin County Kentucky Beekeepers AssociationOctober 2018 Meeting Agenda


Date: October 20, 2018
Time: 7:00 PM EST
Location: Hardin County Extension Office


Welcome to both members and guests.

NO Guest Speaker

Minutes from last meeting by the Secretary.

  • The minutes were emailed and were posted to our website.

Number in attendance last meeting: 24

Financial Report presented by the Treasurer: As of last meeting the account balance was $1,278.00.

Old Business:

  • Constitution and By-Laws
  • State Fair KSBA Honey Booth—this year’s data is not available yet.
  • Beekeeping School Report- Update on Speakers—Update on Food Truck.
  • Clarkson Honey Fest
  • Beekeeping Mentoring Program – last hands on session was this past Saturday—final session is Saturday October 20th at the Extension Office. Will be conducting the program again next year.

New Business:

  • HCBA annual dues.
  • Fees for March 30th beekeeping school?
  • Dates for association meeting in 2019?
  • Suggestions on speakers and/or topics for our meetings next year?
  • Election of Officers will be at our November 15th meeting.
  • Glendale Days, October 20th
  • KSBA Fall Conference and School at the Bullitt Central High School November 3rd.
  • Pot Luck for next meeting in November????

Open Discussion: Any and all topics.

Beekeeping Notes: Beekeeping Notes for October: The weather is going to be changing significantly cooler and everyone needs to consider placing debris boards on their screened bottom boards when the nightly temperatures start to drop below the mid 30’s. You can still conduct inspections when the temperatures are in the upper 50’s on a nice sunny days with little to no wind blowing. Entrance reducers should be on by now as well as mouse guards if necessary. The bees will move up and cluster in the top brood box when the temperatures drop like that. In October the queen slows down laying eggs and all the Drones are expelled from the hives. It is important to start feeding hives 2:1 sugar syrup with Honey B Healthy for the bees to build up honey reserves for winter. There are varying opinions on how much honey/pollen needs to be on each hive for winter– but 6 to 8 deep frames is a good start. BUT it is recommended that supplemental feeding be provided during winter regardless. Bees do not always move toward the frames of stored honey during a cold winter and therefore if the food source is not just above or next to them, they will die out due to starvation. Also, if the winter is very mild, the bees will consume all the stores rather quickly and be without a food source going into late January and February. Conduct the last comprehensive hive inspections. Combine any weak hives with stronger ones. Fall into Winter preparation is underway with the goal of having hives ready for winter with at least 1 full deep hive box (10 frames) of healthy bees; 60 lbs. of honey and pollen; plus a good laying queen with considerable brood in the hive. It is also important to check for Varroa Mites and treat early before the cold weather arrives. Reference the Honey Bee Health Coalition website and review the various treatments and time of year treatment charts verse mite count. If the weather remains warm into and through October, then robbing will be a problem that will need to be watched for.

Meeting Adjournment:

2019 Kentucky State Beekeeping Association’s Spring Meeting and Hardin County Beekeepers Association’s Beekeeping School

Kentucky State Beekeeping AssociationHardin County Beekeepers Association

Open to the Public

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Location: John Hardin High School
384 W A Jenkins Rd
Elizabethtown, KY
Time: 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM

$15 pre-registered (Save $5) – $20 day of the event.  Pay at the door.  Register now!


  • Warren Beeler, GOAP Executive Director
  • Dr. Reed Johnson, Ohio State University
  • Dr. Jen O’Keefe, Morehead State University
  • John Benham, Certified Master Beekeeper
  • Kent Williams, Certified Master Beekeeper
  • Dr. Tammy Potter, KY State Apiarist
  • And others…


  • Honey & Pollen Studies
  • First Year in Beekeeping
  • Planting and Landscaping for Honey Bees
  • Honey Production
  • How to Raise Honey Bees and Make Money
  • Honey Bee Waggle Dance Analysis
  • and more…

There will be drawings for door prizes at the end of the day.

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