August 2018 Meeting Agenda

Hardin County Kentucky Beekeepers AssociationAugust 2018 Meeting Agenda


Date: August 16, 2018
Time: 7:00 PM EST
Location: Hardin County Extension Office


Welcome to both members and guests.

Minutes from last meeting by the Secretary.

  • The minutes were sent to everyone’s email and was posted to website.

Number in attendance last meeting: ____

Financial Report presented by the Treasurer

Old Business:

  • State Fair Support KSBA Honey Booth Volunteers

New Business:

  • Beekeeping School 2019
  • Kentucky Certified Honey Program
  • Clarkson Honey Fest September 29th
  • KSBA Fall Conference at the Bullitt Central High School November 3rd--- All day event.

Beekeeping Notes: August is usually a hot dry period of time and the bees will need water. Some beekeepers feed a little 1:1 sugar water to the bees at least once a week until the Fall nectar flow begins in late August. This is also the time when there is the biggest threat for robbing events to take place. It only takes a minor issue like dripping sugar water on the ground near a hive or leaving a hive open to long with honey supers still on to incite an incident. It is a good idea to place entrance reducers on your hives and to close off any other possible entrance accesses. August is the beginning of the Fall/Winter preparation period for your beehives. Weak hives need to be combined with stronger hives or be re-queened preferably with a strong Nuc. Take care to watch for increases in Varroa mite populations, small hive beetles and the dreaded wax moths. All hives should be treated for Varroa mites in mid to late July or August. The population of the hives can only manage and protect a reasonable space. Too much room in a hive, regardless of the population, can result in hive beetles and wax moths moving in and taking over a hive. This can happen rather quickly. So consider removing extra supers and/or mostly empty supers especially off weaker hives. The Fall nectar flow generally starts mid to late August and ends around mid-September.

Meeting Adjournment: