ALERT – Fall Nectar Flow Failure and High Varroa Mite Counts

Hardin County Beekeepers AssociationHardin County Beekeepers Association

ALERT NOTICE: September 13, 2018

The fall nectar flow apparently never really materialized here in my area as was expected.  I just returned from a couple of weeks’ vacation and after an initial inspection of several of my hives and Nuc’s, found that they are almost completely empty of any stored honey or pollen. Several of the Nuc’s died out due to starvation and mite count increases. I will immediately start feeding my hives and Nuc’s with greater than 1:1 sugar syrup. I recommend that everyone check their hives, and if you have not been feeding them, you should start doing so immediately. Also check your mite count--- it has gone up since August and early September. Treat as may be necessary.

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